How To Use The Water Transfer Pumps


Transfer pumps are an invaluable tool for moving fluids from one area to another and can be useful in many applications. Not every transfer pump is meant for every job however and there are some things you should know about their use. Here is a quick overview of the kinds of pumps available and some of their main uses.

The first thing you need to determine before using transfer pumps is what kind of fluid you are going to be pumping. A pump designed to pump non-flammable fluids cannot be used to pump things such as gasoline or oil. There are also other constrictions placed on pumps as to what fluids they can pump as you can damage a pump with a fluid it is not designed to handle. You should always verify that your pump is compatible with the fluid you are pumping. Of course the next thing you need to determine is the capabilities of the pump you need. The amount of fluid you wish to pump and the height you wish to pump it to will determine the transfer pumps that are ideal for you.

Transfer pumps work by creating a pressure difference to move fluid from one area to another. Power is required to draw fluid into the pump and also to push the fluid out of the pump and to its destination. You should check with the pump specifications to see whether it has the capabilities and power to perform its duty properly. As well, you may need various fittings and adapters in your work so always be sure to have the proper fittings in order for the operation to run smoothly. Once you have the right pump you can then attach the fittings and begin to transfer the liquids easily and quickly.

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Water Pumps - Transfer and Trash Pumps

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Diaphragm/Transfer Pumps

You can use any of this PowerFLO Series diaphragm pumps in typical applications such as RVs, Carpet Cleaning, Construction equipment, Agriculture spraying equipment. They are useful every time you need to transfer fluid between two points (from water tank to pressure washer, from vacuum to lake...).

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Water Pumps

Car Wash Pump Stations

Do you need an effective, reliable and easy to operate heavy-duty unit? When you need a pump, it's often to get water out of the way so your crew can get back to work. At Ultimate Washer you will find a complete selection of trash pumps that can be used for many different tasks. Our models can draw water from lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, and city water. We supply Honda trash pumps designed for high-volume and industrial purposes.