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For highly reliable gasoline engines at affordable prices, our Powerease brand engines are well recognized in the United States. Both brands have been in the market for many years with full support of parts readily available. Built to the standards of most of our industrial pressure washers, these units offer stout performance and quiet operation like other known gasoline engines. Choose from 6.5 HP to 13 HP versions depending on your application and expect years of smooth operation.


  • Lower cost alternative — to other gasoline engines in market today
  • Parts readily available in the U.S — making downtime minimal should machinery fail
  • Wide network of support from engine manufacturers — for service needs should they arise
  • Multiple HP choices — for various application needs

BE Replacement Pumps

BE Powerease Pressure Washerss

Gas Powered Pressure Washer

BE Replacement Pumps


  • Built in one piece Unloader
  • Stainless steel unitized check valves
  • Forged brass manifolds
  • Double sealing Buna packing
  • Built in garden hose adapter
  • Direct Drive

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