Power Washer Maintenance


The Importance of Power Washer Maintenance

It is very important that you properly maintain your power washer so that it is always working at its fullest potential. This also helps to ensure the life of the unit. When it comes to power washer maintenance, there are guidelines you can follow to ensure you are keeping your unit in top shape.

You will want to start with preventive maintenance. The main step for this is to always clean your pressure washer and accessories after every use. This may seem like a hassle sometimes but it will save you a lot of problems later. Proper storage will also help to keep your unit in good condition.

Power Washer Maintenance

Power Washer Maintenance for Parts

Power washer maintenance also includes keeping the parts of the unit clean and in good condition. The spray wand is a very important part of the pressure washer. If it gets clogged or does not spray correctly for some reason, then it will cost you a lot of extra time and may even prevent you from getting the job done at all.

Before starting a job check to make sure that all connections are secure, then squeeze and release the trigger a few times. If it springs back into place then it is working correctly. Always replace the spray gun if water is leaking from the handle or if you can press the trigger when the safety latch is engaged.

Another important part of power washer maintenance is keeping the screens and O-rings clean and in good working condition. The screen is what keeps debris from entering the water pump and causing damage. It also helps to keep the hoses from becoming clogged. The O-rings is what keeps all the connections secure preventing leaks. Replace these parts as needed.

Power washer maintenance for water pumps is fairly simple. Aside from keeping debris out of the water pump the oil is the main issue. If you have a unit that requires oil changes, do this once a year or after using it for approximately 50 hours. Always use the oil that was recommended for your unit.

Engine Maintenance

One of the biggest concerns for power washer maintenance is the engine. Tune-ups should be done as needed. Normally this is a simple process and you can even buy tune-up kits that include everything you need to keep your engine running smoothly and in good condition.

There may also be instructions which came with your unit to explain the proper power washer maintenance for that unit. Make sure that you do read and follow these instructions to ensure the life of your power washer.

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