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Pressure Washer Books

pressure washer book

Pressure Washer's Guidebook

The Most Definitive Pressure Washing, 578 pages

Resource Book for the Industry

111 Illustrated Chapters | 36Reference Files | Bonus Chemical Glossary and Marketing Glossary

  • Part I
    Small Business

    4 Chapters including:
    • Setting Up Your First Office
    • Small Business Documents-Knowing What You Need
    • Breaking Bad Habits
  • Part II
    Marketing Your Service Business

    16 Chapters including:
    • Developing Your Brand Image
    • Building Your Company's Service Bundles
    • Making the Most of Your Company's Online Presence
    • Managing Your Sales Leads and Utilizing Consultative Sales
    • Providing Excellent Customer Service
  • Part III
    Cleaning Applications

    27 Chapters including:
    • Creating and Maintaining a Safe Work Environment
    • Introduction to Detergents
    • Environmental Concerns
    • House Washing
    • Wooden Decks and Fences
    • Cleaning Agricultural Equipment
  • Part IV
    Service Technician Training

    64 Chapters including:
    • The Service Technician
    • Service Tool Basics
    • Setting Up a Service Shop
    • Troubleshooting
  • Part V
    Reference Files
    • Water flow for nozzle sizes and pressures
    • Spray angle coverage
    • Oil burner altitude correction factors
    • Spray nozzle formulas
  • Part VI
    • Chemical glossary
    • Marketing glossary

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Pressure Washer's Guidebook
8.5" x 11"
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Power Washing Contractor Forms



Contractor Forms

Contractor Form Templates for Your Business

Show Your Customers You Are Ready For Business. When starting out in any business, you need to have the correct tools for your job. One key to being ready for business is to project a professional image and show the customer that you have a structure and guidelines you operate within. This will give your customer the confidence to do business with you. The forms below will allow you to set appointments, create agreements for service, establish your policies, hold you harmless in certain events, and finally to invoice your customer.You can customize them with your logo, address, and make as many copies as needed since you own the template and have full rights. You will automatically download the file once you have completed the payment.

  • Unlimited Usage of the Forms Purchased
  • Several Templates to Choose From to Suit Your Needs
  • Pick All Or Only the Ones You Need
  • Fully Customizable Layout for Your Company
  • Forms will be Emailed Directly to You


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