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Pressure Washer Cleaning Solutions

Pressure Washer Chemicals The majority of our pressure washer chemicals, and other chemicals are environmentally friendly, they achieve great results and save time and money on labor. Pressure Washer approved cleaning solutions are biodegradable, harmless for humans and easy to use.

Caution! Do not use pressure washer cleaning solutions that are not pressure washer approved. A non-approved cleaning solutions can be harmful for the environment and if used they can be damaging for the pressure washer components (seals, wand, hoses, pump, etc.)

Ultimate Washer pressure washers are designed to automatically inject the pressure washer chemicals while the wand is adjusted for low pressure.

If your machine is not equipped with the downstream chemical injector you will have to use a standard sprayer. The chemical must be applied under low pressure so that the solution can adhere better to the surface being cleaned. This will allow the formula to react faster and remove the dirt immediately. With our pressure washer cleaning solutions you will get unmatchable results and peace of mind.

Note: Free shipping is available to commercial locations. All residential shipments will be a subject to an additional residential delivery fee.

Pressure Washer Chemicals

Pressure Washer Detergent, Pressure Washer Cleaners

Pressure Washer Detergent Cleaners

These are biodegradable pressure washer detergent cleaners that can be applied directly or with pressure washer chemical injectors. For concrete & driveway, deck & fence, house & siding wash, exterior siding, exterior house wash, heavy-duty degrease, vehicle wash, and aluminum brightening cleaning applications.

Burner Coil Cleaners

Burner Coil Cleaners

To maintain and prevent built-up in your pressure washer burner we provide you with burner coil cleaners. Use ScaleMaster, Ko Koil Kleen or fuel conditioner and soot removers to restore your burners to peak performance.

Removers / Cleaners

Graffiti Paint Removers

Graffiti Paint Removers

Graffiti has become a nationwide epidemic costing home owners, businesses, and the government valuable time and money. Our line of versatile graffiti removers performs within minutes, removing within 99% of most defacement off even the toughest surfaces.

Mold Mildew Removers

Mold and Mildew Removers

Our mold and mildew removers are environmentally friendly chemicals with professional strength that cleans, prevents and remove mold & mildew stains. NO bleach, or ammonia or petroleum solvents. You can also use our biodegradable mildewcide additive to interior or exterior paints to prevent growth of molds and mildews.

Biodegradable Chemicals

Biodegradable Chemicals

These are biodegradable chemical cleaners for window wash, automotive wash, and concrete cleaning & etch. We also have line of products for paint industry that can remove graffiti, paint hardener for easy paint removal and disposal, mold and mildew inhibitor, cleaner & renewal for paint brushes and more.

Rust Remover, Rust Inhibitor

Rust Removers - Rust Inhibitors

To inhibit and remove rust from metal, aluminum, brass, stone, ceramic, porcelain, stucco, vinyl, plastic and more, you can use these biodegradable rust removers. Great for residential or commercial applications such as gutters, windows, sidings as well as eliminating paint peeling, chipping, blistering and other adhesive problems.

Oil Stain Remover

Oil Stain Removers

To clean and remove tough oil stains you can use these biodegradable oil grabbers by applying directly or with the use of pressure washer chemical injector to unsightly stains from oil, grease, and grime.

All-Purpose Cleaners

All-Purpose Cleaners

For everyday cleaning these all-purpose cleaners can remove tough stains quickly and effectively to different kind of surfaces. These can be applied directly or with the use of pressure washer chemical injector for general cleaning.

Windshield Cleaner

Windshield Cleaner

For aviation, marine or automobiles, this windshield cleaner makes for a slick surface that keeps it free of grime and dirt. It has no wax or abrasives and does not even need the use of water. This windshield cleaner is the ultimate for keeping your glass clean.

Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression

Dust suppression is critical for keeping workers safe and productive by reducing visible and respirable dust. This product can reduce respirable dust by 90% and visible dust by 40%. Dust suppression is used with sandblast equipment to control dust.

Chemical Sprayers

chemical sprayer

Gas Powered Chemical Sprayers

For everyday cleaning these all-purpose cleaners can remove tough stains quickly and effectively to different kind of surfaces. These can be applied directly or with the use of pressure washer chemical injector for general cleaning.

electric chemical sprayer

Electric Chemical Sprayers

Wall mountable diaphragm pumps with durable sandtoprene and viton parts are available in 12V DC and 115V AC. Lightweight hose and low pressure allow for cone or mist applications.

Stainless Steel Tank Sprayers

Stainless Steel Tank Sprayers

For easy and no waste chemical applications, these stainless steel tank sprayers are right for you. Great for auto detailers, commercial cleaning service, commercial laundries, manufacturers, pest control, landscapers, gardeners and more.

Hand-Held Sprayers

Hand-Held Sprayers

Choose from various size hand held sprayers to suit your chemical application needs. All models are high quality professional grade sprayers designed with high grade seals and plastic for long term and safe use.

Backpack Sprayers

Backpack Sprayers

Backpack sprayers are constructed on high density polyethylene and other chemical resistant materials. This line of chemical sprayers are designed for comfort and efficiency.


Low-Pressure Chemical Sprayers

Level action piston pump with quick fitting harness. Handheld, backpack, ATV spot sprayers as well as industrial-duty acid sprayers available.
Read more about how to use and maintain a chemical sprayer.


Foam Injector

Foam Injectors

These foamers attaches at the end of a wand. With chemical or soap is used, it will create foam to work on film, dirt or grease and other cleaning applications.

pressure washer chemical injector

Professional Chemical Injectors

Placed on the outlet side of the pump. Unique siphoning design draws chemicals or soap to aid in your cleaning flexibility.

Chemical Hoses

Chemical Hoses

Braid reinforced PVC hose designed specifically for AG/ Pest control spraying applications.

Chemical Valve

Chemical Valves and Proportioners

Use valve or drum mounted proporioners to to mix pressure washing concetrated chemicals and water accurately.

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