Storm Drain Catch Basin Filters


Storm drain filters are a practical tool in keeping sediment, debris and oil out of our water ways and a valuable source of storm water pollution prevention.  Effortless to install, simply remove the current drain grate, place the filter over the drain and replace the drain grate. Excess fabric can be cut away with a utility knife.


  • Prevents water pollution
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use

The drain filters were designed especially for industrial facilities, construction sites, parking lots, and any high traffic area that may have problems with trash and pollutants.

Catch basins have a lower pocket to catch debris, and is lined with filters that absorb oil and grease as water passes through the filter. According to a study conducted by the University of California, these drain filters were able to strain 98.31% of fats, grease, and oils out of pass through water, and even filtered 81.6% of lead and 54.3% of copper out of the same pass through water. In case there is a surge of water, the catch basins also feature by-pass vents in order that no back-up should occur, for excess water to be able to still pass through the drains.


  • Abides by NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 and TMDL requirements
  • Removes oils, sediment and debris from drain water
  • Simply remove drain cover, insert filter, and replace drain cover
  • Engineered from rugged X-Tex fabric

X-Tex Drain Filters

Oil and Sediment Drain Guard

The oil and sediment model are designed to remove 0.87 gallons of hydrocarbons from drain water, as well as dirt, sand, and other debris.

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9217 Oil and Sediment Drain Guard $44.40add to cart
9218 Oil and Sediment Drain Guard, 10 pack $336.40add to cart
Oil and Sediment Plus Drain Guard

The oil and sediment plus model is lined with three groups of X-TEX filters, which increase the absorption of oil and grease by 0.51 gallons compared to the oil and sediment storm drain filter models.

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9219Oil and Sediment Plus Drain Guard $62.90add to cart
9220Oil and Sediment Plus Drain Guard, 10 pack $458.20add to cart
Trash and Debris Drain Guard

The trash and debris model was designed to catch larger debris items such as leaves, cans, cigarettes, and paper goods that may fall into drains.

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9227Trash and Debris Drain Guard $51.80add to cart
9229Trash and Debris Drain Guard, 10 pack $336.40add to cart
X-Tex Material Specifications

Physical Test Results of the X-Tex Blanket B11

Test Method Units Result
Mass Per Unit Area ASTM 5261 oz/yd 11
Grab Tensile MDASTM D4632lbs118
Grab Tensile TDASTM D4632lbs89
Elongation at Peak MDASTM D4632percent131
Elongation at Peak TDASTM D4632percent172
Wide Width Tensile MDASTM D4595lbs/in33
Wide Width Tensile TDASTM D4595lbs/in23
Elongation at break MDASTM D4595percent110
Elongation at break TDASTM D4595percent156
Puncture ResistanceASTM D4833lbs72
Trapezoid Tear Strength MDASTM D4533lbs64
Trapezoid Tear Strength TDASTM D4533lbs45
Permittivity (Constant Head)ASTM D4491sec-12.02
PermeabilityASTM D4491cm/sec0.72
Flow RateASTM D4491gal/ft2151
Apparent Opening Size / micronASTM D4751mm100-140/150

PDF Chemicals, Swelling, Water Degradation Ratings (160,93 KB)

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