Pressure Gauge Meter

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Pressure Gauges are a handy tool whenever you want to regulate the amount of pressure that your machine is putting out or if you just want to see if your machine is up to optimal performance. The pressure gauge meter will easily attach with quick connect fittings with an inlet and an outlet and the idea here is to be able to easily attach it to your machine. The quick connect will attach to the outlet side of your pump between the pump and the high pressure hose and essentially its going to give you a reading as that water passes through the body of the quick connect and give you what your pressure setting is. This particular gauge is the most popular purchased gauge with the quick connect however you can get it with just a male 1/4" thread if you desire to attach it a different way. It is glycerin filled for better accuracy and this particular gauge is a 0 to 5000 PSI gauge. The nice thing about getting a gauge besides the point of checking the performance of your machine is in cleaning applications where you need to dial your pressure up or down using your regulator or unloader valve. So it is an important tool if you want to dial your pressure regulator up or down. Lets say you have a 4000 PSI machine and you are getting a 4000 PSI reading but you want to go to 1000 PSI because you are doing some vehicle cleaning or you are doing some house siding that can not accept that 4000 PSI. So using a pressure gauge meter will allow you to make sure that you are doing that properly. Another good advantage of the pressure gauge is you might have multiple employees using your equipment. Let's say you are a contractor and you are going to tell them use 4000 PSI when you are doing this job and use 2000 PSI when you are doing that job. Pressure gauge hour meters will allow your employees to get a good reading when they dial in the unloader. So they can get the appropriate setting for a type of job they might be working on. If you have any questions about pressure gauges feel free to visit our website or call and we will be more than happy to help you.

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