Infrared Space Heater

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We have infrared heaters. These are heaters that work off of diesel or kerosene to produce a radiant heat similar to the sun's rays. It's going to heat evenly and it's going to be a penetrating heat to really warm up whatever you're trying to heat. They start very quickly. They reach full efficiency within one minute. So there's not a little downtime waiting for it to heat up. As soon as it's turned on, it's going to start working. They do not lose heat to the air or wind. So if you're pointing it at an area and you're outside using it, it doesn't matter if it's windy or if there's cold air outside, it's not going to dissipate the heat. The heat is just going to go right where you're pointing it and warm up the surface that it's aimed at which makes it perfect for outdoor use. If you have machinery or people working outside, you can keep them warm with these machines. And you're able to direct the heat where you want it to go and it's not like a radiator-type heater that's going to sit in the middle of the room and heat the entire environment. You're going to be able to point it at the location where you need it. Besides heating people or machinery, you can also use it for drying paint, adhesives, and those kinds of applications. For infrared heaters, we've got quite a few models to choose from, but they're all going to basically give you the same benefits.

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