What is a waterblaster?
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In our industry, which is using water technology, there's a certain grade of pressure washers which generally is from 1,000 to 4,000 PSI that in some circles is considered medium pressure. When you get into 5,000 PSI to 7,000 PSI, then it creates a whole different type of machine and that's usually considered high pressure. Anything 7,000 PSI and upwards to 40,000 PSI is what's considered a waterblaster or a water jetter. And this type of machine is offered various ways. In fact, Ultimate Washer offers them in numerous different configurations. They can come either as diesel or electric and they can get up to 40,000 PSI. With some models, we can regulate the pressure anywhere between 5,000 PSI up to 40,000 PSI with an electronic control panel. And yet others, you have a manual motor valve where you affect the pressure in the lower pressure units up to 10,000 PSI.

There are various mounting options that we can offer. You can get them either as a skid if you intend to put them on your own trailer or we can provide you with a trailer and a tank if you'd like. Another way that we can do it if it's a more compact design, we can put it on a cart with large wheels or with casters. For example, we have one model that's a small 15,000 PSI electric unit that can actually fit inside of a standard doorway passage. So make sure that you consider that as you're looking at your pressure needs and looking at ultra high pressure equipment.

Ideally, electric would be used in an interior area where you can't have any fumes emitted. Diesel, being stronger, would most often be considered the more reliable engine and can be used exclusively outside where you have a well ventilated area.

Also consider the fact that any of this type of equipment is highly dangerous. It requires special training to use and we do suggest that you take a look at our full line of protective clothing. We have either body armor that's turtle skin that you wear on the front of your body to cover vital areas. Or we have complete overalls and suits with rubber boots that can also protect you as an alternative. The differences are that the wet suits are less cumbersome and they give you full body protection, whereas the turtle skin covers just the front portion. The trade off is that the turtle skin allows you to be one-size-fits-all so you can buy one or two suits for your entire staff that's using your equipment. The body suits are sized according to the size of your personnel. If you have any questions regarding water blasters or the safety equipment, feel free to give us a call or visit our website.

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