How do Variable Nozzles Work?

Hello viewers, today we are going to talk about the variable nozzles. Basically the variable nozzle use up to 3000 PSI and 4000 psi, we have two different types of variable nozzles ranging from 3000-4000 PSI. So which ever pressure you have you can choose the correct variable nozzle. They also range from #2 orifice up to #8 orifice. Basically if you have a lot more pressure and flow going through machine, you get a larger orifice, because of that will be determined by your pressure and flow. You can calculate that on our website. The variable nozzle have a 0-80 degree fan spray, which is going to be twice as wide as your white tip nozzle on your pressure washer. Basically, with the metal plates inside here all the way open is going to be a 0 degree which is like your red tip on your pressure washer. All the way closed, the fan blades go together pinching off that spray making it go out even further, twice as white as your white tip on your pressure washer. Variable nozzles are great, they have a 1/4" male plug, you can connect it to any telescoping or pressure washer wand.

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