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Check out different types of pressure washer telescoping wands

Hello viewers, today we are going to talk about telescoping wands; a.k.a. the TS wands. Telescoping wands are a great way to reach those high to reach places without getting on a ladder. They have level locks instead of the twist lock adapters now which is a new feature instead of wrestling with the twist locks you have the level locks on the telescoping wands now. Basically you just lift the lever up, pull the extension out that you need it to then lock the lever. It's a compression fitting so you don't have to deal with the twist lock; having the water get inside of it and basically have it lock up on you. Different lengths, we have different telescoping wands that go from 6ft that go up to 24'. Some wands start at 6ft, some wands start at 8ft and some start at 9ft.

Depending on which one you choose for your application; different compression lengths and different extension lengths, each wand will really benefit any of the end users that use them for hard to reach places. For example, 2 story gutter cleaners, two story houses, high windows and other things like that. The connections, each telescoping wand has a 1/4" male, im sorry, female socket at the top of your wand for your quick connect nozzles. And they all come with the 3/8" male plug at the inlet side. So if you have a quick connect on your hose, you just connect your telescoping wand, put your nozzle in, and you are ready to use. It also comes with a 133 adaptor, which is a male M22 fitting (Metric 22 fitting) by 3/8" male pipe thread. What you'll do, is you unscrew the quick connect plug at the bottom of the telescoping wand and insert that 133 fitting. Giving you the connection for the metric 22.

Lastly, kits; we have a numerous amount of telescoping wands, each wand comes with a different kit. We have some wands that come with belt kits, some wands without belt kits. But every kit within the telescoping wand comes with that M22 fitting it will be good for every application that you'll need. Telescoping wands out.

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