Surface Cleaner Rotary Arm

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Rotor arms attached to the bottom of your surface cleaner. They can be used for other applications as well. The most common use is for underneath the housing of a surface cleaner and they come in various sizes and styles depending on the size of your surface cleaner. It is important to recognize the output of your pressure washer to be sure it matches appropriately to your rotary arms. Sometimes they are referred to as rotor arms or spray bars. Typically you find an 1/4" inlet at the top and you will either have a dual arm, or tri bar, or quad bar just as I have drawn up here. And, as you consider what size bar you are going to use for your surface cleaner, it is important to realize the flow rate or gpm that your pressure washer puts out, it is of utmost importance. It must match appropriately to the size of this attachment.

And so, with a dual arm, you have got 2 nozzles, we suggest you have a minimum of 4 gallons a minute, giving you an output of 2 gallons from each nozzle. Anything less than that will greatly diminish your productivity and as you are pushing your surface cleaner along you may have a reduction of overall productivity when doing your job. If you have a machine that has a higher flow rate, 5-6 per minute, then you can use a tri-bar, obviously more flow the more nozzles you introduce, you will get more flow out of each nozzle and enhance productivity as a result. If you are using a machine with 4 , then you will notice you will be greatly minimizing the flow rate out of each tip and by doing that you will have to make more slow deliberate passes over your surface. So make sure you choose the bar based on the machine you are using. 8-12 is a much larger machine that can function with a quad arm or 4 arm rotary system and when you have 4 nozzles you can divide your flow rate up to 2-3 out of each tip and this is typically found in much larger surface cleaners say 30” or larger where you will have a lot of volume and pressure.

The tips are generally 1/4" MEG style nozzles made of steel, this particular rotor arm is steel but we also have stainless steel varieties that you can get with 1/4" female pipe thread or you can also reduce the size to 1/8” and use a stainless steel bar, it is more expensive but you can reduce the size. They come in various lengths of bars, so depending on the size of your housing, you need to ensure you order the appropriate rotor arm size. It is always a good idea to check with the manufacturer or by calling us to help identify the right rotor arm for your application. As a always if you have any questions or concerns about what you are choosing on the website, feel free to give us a call to see what you need.

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