Filtration and Recovery System

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Water Recovery and Filtration

One of the new upcoming topics which is getting pretty popular in our category, which is water recovery and filtration. According to your county, your state, your zip code, where ever you are located. Basically you have to follow the environmental protection agency laws. Which is the EPA. Typically 5 micron is good to dump down your sewer drains which is almost reusable water. Typically you really want to check with your local EPA to make sure you're not stepping over their boundaries and their laws, or else you could be subject to heavy fines. Also with our water recovery and filtration systems, basically they use recycled water. If you have the sand berm, basically if you spray into the sand berm, all of the water that is collected there, will go through the filtration system, go through the filters and then be sump pumped out to your water tank or your holding tank to go to your pressure washer so you can reuse that water. Typically it will bring it down to 5 microns, depending on which filter and which recycling system that you get. You can pretty much have that brought down to 5 micron and have that as reusable water. Accessories with the water recovery and filtration, basically you will want, obviously a pressure washer, the recycling unit, and also another good thing to have it the muck scupper which is a vacuum head attached to the water recovery unit and that will have a large head to it and and the water will be sucked up into the vacuum. Also sand berms, sand tubes, grate cover, really anything on our containment pages, is a really good thing to have with the water recovery and filtration.

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