Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers

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Today we're going to talk about hot and cold trailer mounted pressure washers. The beauty of the hot and the cold is that you can really choose whichever one depending on your application that you're using it for. You can choose each trailer to fit your need. We have custom trailers that you can have different tank sizes on. We have some ranging from 185 gallon water tanks up to 525 gallon water tanks. That's really the maximum size you want to go on a water tank due to the weight that's going to be put on the trailer.

??Within the trailers, we have single and tandem axle trailers. Once you get up into the 500 gallon range, by DOT code you'll need to have a tandem axle trailer, primarily due to the weight of the water. It's about 8 pounds per gallon. So that's going to be pretty heavy on a single axle. It wouldn't be able to handle the weight of that water. We have custom trailer packages. It comes with a base mount trailer with a water tank. And then, you can choose whatever pressure washer you want to put on there. You could choose a hot or cold water pressure washer. Whichever one you want to put on the trailer, you're more than welcome to do so and we have that feature on the website. Last, is the dual pressure washer. We have a QTE pressure washer on our website. It's basically going to be a large 525 gallon tank on a dual axle trailer with two Honda pressure washers mounted on the front of the trailer. So now you can have two users at the same time without having to split the flow off of one machine.

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