Gun Swivels

 Victor Approved

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Gun Swivels are a great tool to have because it gives you the versatility to move you hose from your gun without really struggling or twisting your hose over. We have two main sizes 1/4" Male Pipe Thread and 3/8” Male Pipe Thread by 1/4" Female Pipe Thread and 3/8” Female Pipe Thread. Temperatures you can use up to 250 degrees. It’s made in Switzerland out of stainless steel, its very heavy duty, about 3” long, and you really will not be able to do much damage to it. It’s a very low maintenance type of swivel and it uses up to 4000 PSI. If you use over 4000 PSI typically it will lock onto it self and you will not be able to swivel them. I have here a demonstration of a trigger gun and wand assembly. I can turn this all the way around with just one finger and even at 4000 PSI you can still do this as well. It is pretty easy just with the high quality swivel that it is. Thank You.

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