Choosing the Right Car Wash Brush

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Today we're going to talk about car wash brushes and their different applications. At we have a brush selection chart. On the chart, it's going to show you the plastic bristles, the Tampico, the Palmyra, the poly, the fine poly, and the HD poly. Tampico, it resists hot soils. We have one for indoor rust surfaces, acid resistors, dust mop quality, and thick outdoor uses. There are multiple applications. Basically, you would just know what kind of soil you were removing with the brush and then you would choose the correct brush for your application. We have some with bumper protectors on them. Around the wooden handle of the brush, it's going to have a soft rubber rim around it. So if you do bump it up against the surface, it's not going to damage the surface. Then on the brushes, we have quite a few different colors: green, yellow, orange, white, blue, red, and a black and white mix. So for each of your different applications, you can have different colors to choose from.

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