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Cleaning Tanks


When using storage tanks, it is a good idea to clean your tanks from time to time. Different types of buildup can happen, depending on the type of material you are storing. When storing certain types of fluids, you will see a buildup of chemicals and sometimes metals. If your tanks store petroleum or acid products, you may see a buildup of sludge or even hazardous materials. Cleaning tanks is important to keep the stored materials from being contaminated, as well as keeping hazardous materials away from employees and customers.
If you are considering cleaning tanks, there are many kinds of tanks you can clean. These would include tanks in wastewater treatment plants, tanks used for petroleum storage, tanks used for chemical storage, and tank vessels. When cleaning tanks, you will first want to empty the contents of the tank into another container. This way, the tank contents will not become contaminated. After removing all the contents, you will want to power wash the tanks. You should power wash with water at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit, at a power of 3000 PSI. Once you have power washed the inside of the tank, you can use a vacuum truck to remove any water, dry it, and then refill the clean tank with either the contents you removed, or with new contents.
Cleaning Tanks

Cleaning tanks is not only important because of contamination. Power washing tanks may be necessary if the contents of the tank are to be emptied permanently, or after their contents are sold off. Power washing of storage tanks should be looked upon as routine maintenance. Cleaning tanks may also be necessary for other reasons. Sometimes you need to clean tanks if they are damaged or destroyed. The roadway or surrounding area will also need to be power washed as well.

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