Statement of Warranty


At Ultimate Washer, we only distribute top quality industrial/commercial/personal pressure washers that are designed for light and heavy-duty use, maximum reliability, durability and long life. Our pressure washers are built for lowest possible price and are suitable for all duty applications and steady use due to higher quality levels.

The manufacturer of this product agrees to repair or replace designated parts that prove defective within the warranty period listed in the chart below. Specific limitations and exclusions apply. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship and not failure due to normal wear, depreciation, abuse, accidental damage, negligence, improper use, maintenance or storage. To make claim under the terms of the warranty, all parts said to be defective must be returned to a designated Warranty Service Center for warranty inspection. The judgments and decisions of the factory-authorized personnel concerning the validity of warranty claims are final. Items not covered by the warranty given us include:

Motors, engines and pumps: These components are covered by warranties given by their respective manufacturers. These warranties pass through to the end user. As a factory authorized and trained warranty service center the factory will honor the terms of all component warranties and satisfy claims of the appropriate warranty provisions.

Normal wear items include but are not limited to: hoses, nozzles, filter, valves, seals and are not covered by this warranty.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied , including without limitation any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and all such warranties are hereby disclaim ed and excluded by the Manufacturer. The Manufacturer's warranty obligation is limited to repair and replacement of defective products as provided herein and the Manufacturer shall not be liable for any further loss, damages or expenses, including damages from shipping, accident, abuse, acts of God, misuse or neglect. Neither is damage from repairs using parts not purchased from the Manufacturer or alterations performed by non-factory authorized personnel. Failure to install and operate equipment according to the guidelines put forth in the instruction manual shall void warranty.

This warranty does not cover the following: machines used for rental purposes, damage resulting from shipping (claims must be filed with freighter), accident, abuse, acts of God, misuse or neglect. Neither is damage from repairs or alteration performed by non-factory authorized personnel or failure to install and operate equipment according to the guidelines put forth in the instruction manual.

The manufacturer will not be liable to any persons for consequential damage, for personal injury or for commercial loss.

Warranty Period and Details
AR Pump
2 years
1 year on Pump/Motor units
Cat Pump
5 years on 2SF and 4SF models 2 years on 5DX models
Comet Pump
5 years
General Pump
5 years on pumps
Lifetime on brass manifold against freezing
1 year on the aluminum manifold
1 year on Pump/Motor units
Udor Pumps

5 years on Plunger Pumps
1 Year on Diaphragm Pumps

Briggs and Stratton
1 year on standard engines 2 year on Intek and Vanguard products
Hatz Diesel Engines
1 year
Honda Engines
2 years on GX series Engines 2 years on GC products for personal use 90 days on GC products in commercial use
Robin Engines
2 years
Baldor Electric Motors
1 year from date of purchase
Leeson Electric Motors
1 year from date of purchase
1 Year from date of purchase
Hot Water Coils
5 years from date of purchase
Machine Frame
1 year from date of purchase
Accessories: Includes tips, guns, wands, hoses, injectors, unloaders, sandblasters, flat surface cleaners, hose reels, turbo nozzles, drain nozzles, brushes, foamers, GFCI units, thermal relief, filters, tanks, etc.
90 days