Ram Pumps


Our 150 Frame, R-Series ram pumps feature corrosion resistant, duplex stainless steel heads and valve assemblies with capacities up to 240 GPM and 2700 PSI. The R-Series pumps feature corrosion resistant, solid ceramic plungers, chevron-style, non-adjustable packings and are easily serviceable from the liquid-end and are used in systems for various oil and gas process and desalination applications. All R-Series pumps conform to API requirements.

Oil rigs use ram pumps as desalination pumps. Basically what this means is the oil rig will pump salt water into an oil vein in the ocean floor. The salt water will make the oil rise up to the surface. Our desalination pumps offer high energy efficiency, a smooth low pulsation flow and exceptionally long service intervals, plus they are very easy to service on-site. Each pump has custom seal and valve kits for easy periodic maintenance, typically twice per year. Every sea water pump is matched with safety valves for pressure setting and overpressure protection.


  • Oil Rigs
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants (RO Plants)

Duplex Stainless Steel Reciprocating Process Pumps

R-Series CAT Ram Pumps

The R-Series Cat Ram Pumps provide the type of pump action needed in situations that call for the above normal flow rates. The 152 models offer pressure at 1000 PSI and flow rates up to 240 GPM. Whereas the 157 models offer pressure at 2700 PSI and flow up to 240 GPM.


  • System Pressure: 1000-2700 PSI (Relief Pressure should set at maximum 10% over system pressure)
  • Maximum Flow: 270-310 GPM
  • Inlet Pressure Range : Flooded to 50 PSI
  • Minimum RPM: 75 RPM
  • Crankcase Capacity: 22.4 gallons
  • Maximum Temperature: 120 °F
  • 2 Inlet Ports: 6" (flange required)
  • 2 Discharge Ports: 4" (flange required)
  • Weight: 3057 lbs

Superior Design

  • Triplex plunger design provides smooth low-pulsation liquid flow.
  • Interchangeable inlet and discharge valve assemblies accessible without removing the head for easy servicing.
  • Standard oil bath crankcase lubrication eliminates external lubrication.
  • Packing design offers strength under pressure and requires no packing adjustment.

Quality Materials

  • Duplex stainless steel seats, springs and valves offer corrosion resistance and extended life.
  • Duplex stainless steel manifold head offers strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Special concentric, high density, solid ceramic plungers provide a true wear surface and extended seal life.
  • Special PTFE blend V-Packings offer unmatched seal life.
  • Spheroid graphite cast iron crankcase provides strength, vibration dampening and flame and spark resistance.
  • Chrome-moly, nitrated crankshaft offers high-strength and greater surface hardness.
  • High strength connecting rods provide exceptional bearing quality and long life.

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CT-152R100 1000 240 270 68.11"L x 42.13"W x 22.05"H CALL for Pricing
CT-157R080 1560 200 355 68.9"L x 42.10"W x 22"H CALL for Pricing
CT-157R060 2700 100 310 68.9"L x 42.10"W x 22"H CALL for Pricing

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