How Much Money Can I Make?


Commercial and Residential pressure washing is a multimillion dollar industry. The large corporations are hesitant to hire people and have their own personnel to do the job due to the large overhead cost (staff salary, equipment, training, liability, insurance, etc.). That is the cause why more and more of such companies hire an outside professional contractor who will do the job faster and it is going to cost them less because of those mentioned reasons. The market for pressure washing is limitless.

The system that you will get from Ultimate Washer is designed to handle both, residential and heavy duty commercial applications. By providing the service to all types of businesses, you will alleviate the strain of being solely dependant on just one type of service jobs. We will thrive to help you generate more revenue, and we are the first such pressure washer supplier company to do this. With your purchase you will receive the list of all pressure washing jobs that this industry comprises of.

You will also receive 3 months of FREE ADVERTISING on our site; not to mention the thousands of visitors to our website on a daily basis, and your potential customers. This entire package will give you the boost and great advantage over other pressure washing companies.

To view the best equipment suitable for start-up pressure washing business, go to our special "how to start pressure washing business" webpage.


Potential earnings for an owner/operator of a pressure washing business

This is an obvious question first asked when starting any business. For pressure washing, that potential is often comparable to consultants and, in some cases even lawyers. Compensation ranging between $40 - $60 per hour is not uncommon. In fact, many services make upwards of $80 - $100+ per hour. Compensation will, of course, vary from region to region. So, what does this mean? In general, one needs to investigate factors of market demand, type of service, and competition, just to name a few.

Marketing Essentials

In order to run a successful and profitable mobile detailing business, you must have the right equipment, the right business image, and the right support. Ultimate Washer is committed to your total success as an entrepreneur because we provide you with each of these tools – at the right price.

Make sure you place your advertising, phone number and name of the business in a highly visible place such as sides of the vehicle or the back of the unit.

Your success will depend a great deal on what type of equipment you have. That’s why we offer independent and reliable equipment that will tackle any job that crosses its path.


How To Recognize Your Niche Marketing Agenda

Starting a business, whether it's retail products or services, must establish their own "niche". It doesn't matter how great your products or services is, how great your sales letter is or your headlines, offers or what a great price you're offering. If you try to sell your products or services to the wrong market, there's a strong guarantee it's not going to work.

What is a niche? A niche is a particular specialty in which a business or person finds they prosper. Niche strategy in marketing is to market to a small but lucrative portion of the market. The small size of the niche generally ensures efficient marketing efforts and few if any direct competitors.

On the other hand, if you take an average product or service, and maybe your ad copy is only medium grade, maybe your price is only medium grade, that I've actually seen these marketing campaigns go to the right targeted audience and pull a decent response. The point I'm trying to make is, to help you understand the difference between the right target market and a good marketing campaign.

What can you do to make sure you get the right audience? You have to begin by knowing who your products and services actually appeal to. Then find the largest market that can actually buy your products or services or the best market that can afford to pay for your products or services.

You might find multiple markets. You don't want to leave any markets out. You want to be sure you target a specific market tightly enough so you can appeal to their interest, but not so tightly that you don't appeal to anyone at all.

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