Using a Small WaterBroom

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Cut your cleaning times in half with concrete surface cleaner

Today I'm going to be discussing water brooms, in particular our small water broom, which is perfect for home use. The small water broom is about four pounds and twelve inches long. It uses a quarter inch male plug which connects to the end of your pressure hose, your pressure washer wand actually. You're going to need a quarter inch female quick connect coupler to affix the wand to the water broom. It comes with three nozzles, each of which are sixty five degrees with a 1.8 orifice. With these three nozzles, it's going to allow a much quicker cleaning of your flat surfaces then say, just the one nozzle on your pressure washer wand. It has a maximum pressure of four thousand PSI and can have up to six gallons per minute flow. The water broom is very easy to use, like I said it just attaches to the end of your wand and it's got two castors on either side which allow you to just kind of push it, like a lawn mower or a vacuum cleaner along the flat surface in which you are cleaning. It's great for energy savings, like I said you can clean in half the time as you would with just a pressure washer wand. If you have any questions about this item, feel free to call us at 866-858-4982.

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