How to turn your Pressure Washer into a Sewer Jetter
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Take a look at our charts on sewer jetter hoses
One of the most common questions that we have is how to turn your pressure washer into a sewer jetter. Basically at We have charts on our website to tell you the size pipe line that you will be using and the size jetter hose that you will be using. 1-4" pipe lines use an 1/8" jetter hose. 2-6" pipes lines use a 1/4" jetter hose. 5-10" pipes use a 3/8" jetter hose. 8-12" pipe lines use a 1/2" jetter hose. These types of charts are listed at and if you have any other questions, you may give us a call toll free at the 866-858-4982. Thank you.

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