Pressure Ball Valve

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Hello, today I'm going to be discussing ball valve kits, one of our more popular items on the website. It has a max PSI of seven thousand two hundred and fifty and can handle up to ten gallons per minute flow. The connect on the ball valve kit is three eighths inch male by three eighths inch female quick connect which allows for easy attachment wherever you choose to place it on your pressure washer. It weighs about two pounds and is nine inches in size. Ball valve kits simplify using multiple attachments for your pressure washer, as you may know you can use it for many different cleaning activities. What you do is the ball valve kit attaches between either the hose and the gun, or the gun and pump, or really whatever accessory you may have attached to your pressure washer. But it allows for easy switching between different accessories. Instead of having to turn the pressure washer off each time you want to switch from your wand to a telescoping wand or a water broom, all you have to do is pull the lever on the ball valve kit, and that will stop the water flow from the end of the hose, and you can switch accessories no problem. Thank you.

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