Parts Washer Overview
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We have four main types of parts washers, the first one being standard cabinet style parts washer. Its basically a cabinet style setup. You open the door, put your parts inside there, close it, and the machine will basically do the rest by spraying with high pressure water and detergent mixture.

Next, we have the aqueous style, in which the parts are going to be totally submerged in water or a combination of water and solvent. Some can have a high pressure spray feature. Some will just be a standard soaking action.

We also have a petroleum based parts washer, which you soak the parts in a petroleum based solvent. Its made out of different materials that can hold up to that kind of constant use of a petroleum based solvent. It is similar to the aqueous version, but made specifically for petroleum based solvents.

Lastly, we have the ultra sonic parts cleaners. They use vibrations and electrical currents to create cavitation bubbles, which will generate a scrubbing action on the parts, leaving the parts much cleaner and you don't have to use as many harsh chemicals to create the cleaning action. And it's also good if you have smaller particles and things of that nature to clean.

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