Rotary Nozzle Shield

 Victor Approved

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The rotary nozzle shield is a handy device that can easily attach to the end of your wand. Its intended purpose is to contain the out spray that might occur as your cleaning with the rotary nozzle on. It can also be used with a quick connect or meg style spray nozzle. Basically it attaches to the end of your lance very simply by snapping this black plastic portion to the end where your rotary nozzle quick connect is and you use this knob to tighten it down. Essentially it is a plastic sleeve that slides over the nozzle, and as you can see, the nozzle is recessed a little bit inside of this area so that the out spray is contained well. It also includes two snaps basically so you can open your cone if you need to place a larger nozzle than I have here today. Primary use is for interior areas or areas where you are working that you don't want the splatter going everywhere. Basically you hold it close to the surface and the out spray is contained inside. It is an inexpensive solution to be able to clean and contain your workspace and basically it attaches to your lance in about 5 seconds. If you have any questions regarding this product feel free to visit the website or give us a call.

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