Chemical Injectors

 Victor Approved

Chemical injectors are a good tool you can use to add cleaning power to your pressure washer and help you remove deep embedded dirt or surface stains. There are two types of chemical injectors. One being the up stream injector, which attaches to the inlet side of the pump. Chemicals will run through the pump and be applied with high pressure to the surface you are cleaning. The advantage of that would be a high pressure cleaning application with the chemical. The down sides are that some of the chemicals will be lost during the application process and there will be a lot of splash back of chemicals. There is also the downstream chemical injector that is connected to the outlet side of the pump, bypassing the pump altogether, so you won't get chemicals running through the pump, allowing them to sit on the surface longer. Both of them will be used in the same way. Run the tube from it into the bucket of chemical, put a soap nozzle on and he machine will do the rest, drawing the chemical along and mixing with water. So, if you are looking for a way to add cleaning power to your machine, a chemical injector would be a good addition.

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