Car Wash Dryer Systems

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Take a look at our car wash drying systems

A car wash drying system is a large motor with a fan built into it and it goes through a vacuum hose and blows your car dry. We have a few different types of units: stand alone units with which some have a tire inflator. Stand alone units are a box with a post that you mount to the ground, just like you see in the regular car wash units. There are wall mounted units, also.They're actually better in my opinion because they're on the wall and they save a lot of space. Within the wall mounted unit and the standalone unit, you can get hot air and cold air systems.The wall mounts are actually one of the only ones on the market that can do 120 degree Fharenheit temperature output. Hot air drying is a lot more efficient than cold air. It cleans a lot quicker. We have two different types of electrical services for your car wash drying system: 110 volt and 120 volt, depending on your electrical service at your facility. You can choose whichever one you want. Some of them go up to 200 plus miles per hour for output of air. It's pretty fast when drying your car so you won't spend all day.The majority of the car wash drying systems have a fragrance output. We have a fragrance selection on our page. We have new car scent, pine scent, and more. We have multiple selections on our page.

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