Car Wash Coin Meter

 Victor Approved

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If you have a self service car wash, the coin meter is what the customer is going to use to pay for the services. You can get them where they accept coins, dollar bills, five dollar bills, ten dollar bills, or a combination. For the international customers, they can be easily converted to accept foreign currency as well. They can be used with your existing car wash equipment. They can basically be wired into any type of car wash system that you have already or work with new ones, as well. The two main things to take into consideration when purchasing one: some of them are vault ready, which means that you have an existing vault under the ground underneath the machine where the coins are e going to drop down into. If you don't have that in place already, you can get one with a coin drawer, which is a locking box on the coin meter itself that will store the coins. So if you see vault ready or non vault ready on the website, that's what that is referring to. It's an essential part of a carwash and we have a nice selection of coin meters.

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