8 Easy Steps to Rebuilding Rotary Turbo Nozzle and Seat

Victor Hayes Popovics - The ExpertBy Victor Hayes Popovics

Power Equipment Expert
Ultimate Washer Inc.

These are about the easiest instructions you’ll ever have to follow. In 8 easy steps, we’re going to show you how to rebuild your rotary turbo nozzle and seat. All you’ll need is a vise to get started.

Rotary Turbo Nozzle
  1. Place turbo nozzle in a vise with outlet end pointing down.
    Do Not Remove Protective Cap

  2. Nozzle should be secured in vise between tapered brass edge and protective cap.

  3. Remove brass inlet with impact wrench or crescent wrench. Assure inlet water ports are clean and clear.

  4. Remove brass housing from vise and dump out old rotary turbo nozzle.

  5. Press out ceramic seat and seat shroud.

  6. Install new seat assembly (o-ring end nearest discharge) assuring the assembly is fully seated.

  7. Secure brass housing back in vise and place new rotary turbo nozzle in housing.

  8. Secure brass inlet back onto housing.

That’s about as easy as it gets, right? Remember to always operate machinery safely and follow all precautions. Happy cleaning everyone!

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