If The Pressure Washer Tips Over

Should your pressure washer tip over, you can follow these steps:

  1. Drain oil from engine. There's two drain plugs on both sides of the engine block. Remove either one - 10 or 20 MM wrench needed.
    If there was no fuel in the engine, no need to drain oil - skip this step and proceed to next - For shipping purposes we do not put fuel in new units.

  2. Remove air filter from air filter cover.
    Inspect paper filter and pre-filter.
    Replace if any oil is present.
    Do not reinstall at this time.

  3. Remove spark plug -13/16" socket .

  4. Make sure on/off switch is in the off position, pull cord until no more oil comes out of the cylinder. (see caution below). This may take several pulls, keep going until no more oil is present.
    Clean spark plug until free of oil or gas. (Do not use wire brushes).
    Re-install spark plug.

  5. Re-install all sediment bowl and drain bolt to carburetor bowl.

  6. Re-install air filter.

  7. Fill engine with oil to correct level. Consult manual for correct level and grade. Check and fill pump with oil to proper level. Halfway on the site glass or use oil dipstick. Check manual for correct level and grade of oil.

  8. Hook up the water supply. Do not connect the gun at this time. Start machine as normal. Note: Make sure the water is running free from hose or from unloader. Let the machine run until the smoke clears. There will be a lot of smoke at first. This may take several minutes depending on how much oil got into the system.

  9. If engine does not start, there may still be more oil in cylinder. Remove plug again, check for oil, clean plug, pull cord some more and try again.