Are You Ready To Start Your Own Pressure Washing Business?

Although for the startup business you can get a small portable gas powered pressure washer, the national survey study shows that people really take notice of the larger systems. Such systems are usually mounted on a trailer, pickup truck or a van and include self contained heavy duty pressure washers with industrial rated pumps that contain large water storage tanks, hose reels and other professional gear. This is an extremely effective form of advertising, especially with these businesses. We at Ultimate Washer offer systems that will draw attention of your rig, which will consequently advertise your business and help you get more customers.


skid-mount pressure washer

The skid-mount unit
all the accessories:

surface cleaner 

telescoping wand

gutter cleaner    ball valve

Your Price with 2400 PSI unit: $3,354.35add to cart

Your Price with 4000 PSI unit: $3,724.05add to cart


Skid Mount Pressure Washers Draw Attention

The key to being successful in this business is to project a professional image. If you have a sharp looking and specialized pressure washing gear people will most likely hire you over someone with small cart pressure washer with no accessories. Our skid mount pressure washer is always one step ahead of competitors because we are constantly looking to provide you with the best system with great accessories so that you can make MORE MONEY in LESS TIME!

It is very important to make a GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION because the second will probably never occur. Many of our customers say the majority of the calls they receive are due to the visual of their set up. This does not mean one has to buy the most expensive trailer available, but you should get a decent size machine that you can install and mount onto your pickup truck or van for minimal cost.

The most important thing is that it looks organized; water tank secured with metal straps, hoses winded up on hose reels, rags and cleaning solution containers placed in a storage box, spray nozzles secured on the nozzle holder, and more. Our skid mount pressure washer will provide you with that prepared and organized look.

Benefits To You:

* Independent Self Contained Pressure Washer Equipment
* Great For Remote Surroundings (electricity independent)
* Quiet Honda GX engines with 2 Year Warranty
* Easily Transportable
* 3 Months of Free Advertising of YOUR BUSINESS on Our Site

We understand what it means to start a new business and how important every dollar is. That’s why we have put together the Special Discount Package that is required for you to start strong and healthy. You will have all the equipment and accessories necessary to be competitive and prepared to begin power pressure washing and start making money. You will finally be independent, be able to make your own schedule and be your own boss.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Commercial and Residential pressure washing is a multimillion dollar industry. The large corporations are hesitant to hire people and have their own personnel to do the job due to the large overhead cost (staff salary, equipment, training, liability, insurance, etc.). That is the cause why more and more of such companies hire an outside professional contractor who will do the job faster and it is going to cost them less because of those mentioned reasons. The market for pressure washing is limitless.

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Our proposal pack for starting up your business

1) Skid Mount Pressure Washer

Pro-Skid Pressure Washer KIT 2400 PSI at 3.0 GPM (100 Gallon Tank)

Pro-Skid Pressure Washer KIT 4000 PSI at 4.0 GPM (100 Gallon Tank)

2) Accessories:

Gutter Cleaner
Ball Valve Kit
16” Surface Cleaner
FREE Telescoping Wand 85.206.424L

And Receive 3 months of FREE Advertising on our webpage.

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The next step is to gain the knowledge you need to succeed. Our guide book is the answer.

Power washer Guide Book -Sold Separately This is our best selling resource book on how to pressure wash different applications. The definitive guide to operating a successful power washing business by providing a variety of pressure washing services. This 250-page book helps you discover the most profitable markets in the Pressure Cleaning industry. Obtain the latest information on how to market your business, effective cleaning methods and supplies, environmental concerns, and many other topics. A must for anyone in the industry.


Power Washer Guide Book

Show your customers you are ready for business.

Contractor Form Templates - Sold Separately One key to being ready for business is to project a professional image and show the customer that you have a structure and guidelines you operate within. This will give your customer the confidence to do business with you. You can customize them with your logo, address, and make as many copies as needed since you own the template and have full rights.

Contractor Forms