Environmental Commitment


At Ultimate Washer we are committed to providing effective and environmentally sound solutions to our customers. That commitment extends throughout our organization, from industrial water recycling systems to packing material and our squeegees and water brooms are no exception. At every step in the manufacturing process, great care is taken to ensure that these products are produced and delivered in an environmentally responsible way, using environmentally safe materials.


Recycle Icon           Rubber

The rubber in our squeegees is 100% reusable as post-consumer waste. Recycled rubber can be found in products from windshield wipers to flooring, and the more rubber we recycle, the less waste we produce.

Recycle Icon           Metal

Waste is also reduced when a product is durable enough to last a lifetime. All of our squeegees are made to high standards from sturdy and recyclable materials. Most of our frames are made from steel, but all of our metals, aluminum, zinc, and brass, are strong enough for a lifetime of use, and are some of the most recycled materials worldwide.

Recycle Icon           Plastic

Our hard plastic frames are also designed to minimize environmental impact. They’re sturdy enough to last, and can be easily recycled at the end of their usefulness.

Recycle Icon          Water

Water conservation is an important part of any environmentally conscientious undertaking, and we want to make it easy for you to conserve water. In addition to being built from long lasting and reusable materials, our water brooms drastically cut cleaning time when compared to a standard sprayer, reducing water usage by up to sixty percent.

Recycle Icon           Packaging

Packaging can have as much environmental impact as the product it contains. We ship our products in recyclable, biodegradable cardboard, minimizing the waste created in the shipping process. Whenever possible, recycled cardboard and recyclable plastics are used as well.

By offering products made from sturdy, reusable, and recyclable materials, we hope to help our customers in making environmentally conscious purchases, and to continue our own commitment to reducing waste while fostering a community of environmental responsibility.