Electric Motor - Oiled Fired Burners - Rugged Design


Skid mount mounted hot water pressure washers with heavy duty TEFC electric motors, belt driven for longer life, and auto start stop enabled for user convenience.

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Industrial Hot Water Electric Oil Fired Burners

Industrial Hot Water Electric - Oil Fired
Hot Water Electric Oil Fired Burner

Industrial Hot Water Electric - Oil Fired
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Industrial Hot Water Electric - Oil Fired
Optional Setup 3
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Industrial Hot Water Electric - Oil Fired Burners


  • 2,000 - 8,000 PSI
  • 4 - 12 GPM
  • 5 - 50 HP
  • Belt Drive
  • 400,000 - 1,200,000 BTU
  • 208 - 575 Voltage
  • 1 - 3 Phase
  • Pump - Industrial Duty triplex plunger pump with oil bath crankcase, stainless steel valves, and all brass manifolds, most pumps are belt driven although we do offer flange and coupling driven pumps as well.
  • Motor - Heavy Duty full 1.15 service factor TEFC 1750 rpm overload protected Electric motors. 3PH equipped with a 1.25 service factor, both are high efficiency.
  • Heating Coil - Heating Coil, elliptically wound cold process of stretched reduced full body normalized ASTM A53/APIPSL schedule 80 pipe, and is structurally braced to minimize pipe wear and vibration, all completely sealed with a ceramic blanket with stainless steel coil skin for total efficiency. You will save time and money on heat-up time and fuel every time you use an Easy Kleen hot water cleaning system.
  • Burners - Quality North American-made Oil fired burners with adjustable thermostats are used for efficiency, dependability, and serviceability.
  • Electric Control Panel - Electrical Nema 4 watertight control panel complete with hinged cover for easy service access is mounted on top of the shroud for super accessibility and available with standard on/off switch or optional auto start/stop with timer shutdown, top of the line electrical components are used. We keep our electrical basic with no unnecessary electronic circuits or circuit boards and diagnostics gadgets to prevent those service calls that cost you money. All CSA approved.
  • Frame - Rugged 11 gauge bent one-piece plate steel frame with welded bracing all Powder Coated Paint with service ports for burner and houses 10-gallon poly fuel tank. Shroud is also 11 gauge steel with an integrated belt guard so that when the shroud is tipped ahead all pump, motor, plumbing, and belt drive is exposed for ease of maintenance. Shroud is Hose Reel ready and is rugged enough to take an industrial hose reel with 250 feet of hose. Units are available with a stationary skid or super wheel kit with 13" No-Flat pneumatic tires and large 8" casters (15 and 20 HP engines do not have a fuel tank)
  • Also Included - Liquid-filled pressure gauge, fully adjustable pressure regulator and chemical injector, 50 ft hose, gun, and wand with five nozzles.

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11-PWEZ01 2000 4.0 Belt 400,000 5 220V-1PH $5,285.70add to cart
11-PWEZ02 2000 4.0 Belt 400,000 5 460V-3PH $5,285.70add to cart
11-PWEZ03 3000 5.0 Belt 500,000 10 220V-1PH $6,228.20add to cart
11-PWEZ04 3600 6.0 Belt 600,000 15 208/440/575V-3PH $8,612.10add to cart
11-PWEZ05 3000 8.0 Belt 800,000 20 208/440/575V-3PH $9,235.80add to cart
11-PWEZ06 3600 8.0 Belt 800,000 20 208/440/575V-3PH $9,235.80add to cart
11-PWEZ07 2500 12.0 Belt 1,200,000 20 208/440/575V-3PH $10,344.60add to cart
11-PWEZ08 5000 5.0 Belt 500,000 20 460V-3PH $10,344.60add to cart
11-PWEZ09 6000 4.0 Belt 400,000 20 460V-3PH $11,938.50add to cart
11-PWEZ10 7000 4.0 Belt 400,000 20 460V-3PH $12,770.10add to cart
11-PWEZ11 8000 8.0 Belt 800,000 50 460V-3PH $35,403.50add to cart

Hot Water Gasoline Motor Power Washer

Failure to maintain heat exchanger coil may result in a system explosion which may cause serious injury or death.

Heat Exchanger Coil

Hard water conditions may eventually cause clogging in the heat exchanger coil if left unattended. Scale deposits will compromise the heating efficiency and produce an unsafe condition over time. It may be necessary to de-scale coil.

Scale buildup from certain detergents may eventually clog up the heat exchanger coil causing an unsafe condition. Use recommended detergents for better cleaning efficiency.

Black carbon deposits that collect on the outside wall of the heat exchanger coil may be a result of using a poor grade of fuel or improper burner operation. Heating fuel should be void of water and sediments to eliminate the possibility of soothing and compromising the efficiency of the coil.

Coil De-scaling

We recommend that you call your local distributor to have the unit de-scaled.

Storage and Winterizing

Storage: Protect machine from freezing temperatures by storing in heated area.

Winterizing the float tank machines: Pour antifreeze into float tank and remove water nozzle from end of wand and carefully insert wand into opening of float tank. Start machine and run until anti-freeze water mixture has circulated throughout the machine returning back to the float tank.

Direct Drive Machines: To protect the machine from freezing temperatures while storing or transporting, connect short length of garden hose (approximately 3ft.) to water inlet connection on machine. Remove the pressure nozzle from the wand and insert the short garden hose end into a container of antifreeze. Place the wand into the antifreeze container and start engine running machine until antifreeze appears from the end of the wand. Turn engine "OFF" and replace pressure nozzle. Coil up hose and move machine to storage area.

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