Pressure Washing Insurance

If your business utilizes power pressure washers in the services it provides there is no doubt that pressure washing insurance is a concern. This coverage is an absolute necessity for the true professional pressure washers. It is needed in order to deal with the risks and liabilities of pressure washing. The washers are powerful tools that require great care in operation. If there is a case where something goes wrong, you need to be able to handle any damage repair bills. Pressure washing insurance will cover you in these cases.

Practically all commercial customers of pressure washing services will ask to see some form of insurance and even customers at home should require this as well. Pressure washing insurance will really open up the market for you and put you on a level with the other professional washers so here are the basics. There are 3 main types of insurance that you should look in to:

  • liability insurance,
  • equipment insurance,
  • workers compensation.

In the case of liability insurance you are covered in cases where something goes wrong on the job resulting in damages incurred. These damages are almost certain to occur over time. You can check with an insurance broker as to your needs but most operations have liability coverage of about $1 to $2 million dollars. The equipment you use in your business also should be insured. It will be required that your equipment be insured if it is being financed but it is a good idea to ensure all of your equipment as it represents a large investment for you.

Workers compensation insurance is there in case of any injury to an employee. This insurance will cover medical bills and lost wages. All of this power pressure washing insurance is sure to pay off over the length of your businesses operations.

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