Kranzle High Pressure Pump


 Victor Approved

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Here we have the Kranzle high pressure pumps. These are extremely durable, well designed pumps that are made to handle the toughest of situations. It is one of the few pumps that is able to start and run completely dry, with no water going into the pump. You can leave it running in extended bypass mode. If you happen to leave your wand down and not pull the trigger in a while, it’s not going to overheat and damage the pump. It is self priming, meaning that you can draw water from a pond, ocean, or tank. You can even run saltwater through it, which is very rare for tanks. Most tanks will be destroyed by saltwater pretty quickly, but these are able to handle it. The warranty on the manifold itself is 10 years, which is at least twice as long as most similar pumps. Overall it is just a great pump; it can handle caustic chemicals, salt water, high temperatures, extended bypass, plus the ability to self-prime with pond, saltwater, or ocean water (which is also a great feature). So if you are looking for a pump that cannot really get destroyed, a Kranzle pump would be the way to go.

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