Hydrostatic Tester


Today we're going to talk about hydrostatic line testers. Primarily, they are used for testing leaks and the integrity of your pipe runs. You fill the pipe with some water, you lock in the pressure that you need to test and you know the pipe was rated for. You can set your hydrostatic line tester to see what pressure you can test up to. You can test for leaks; you can test for the integrity and the strength of the pipe. You can test for numerous things on the pipe once the water is in the pipe. And it will give you the pressure rating. If there is a leak in the line, it will give you the pressure and you'll know what the pipe is good up to. The pressure ranges we have are from 100 PSI up to 30,000 PSI. We have a new line on our website. We just opened up to the 30,000 PSI range. They're ideal for city maintenance contractors and rental yards. A lot of people like to rent these out. I know a lot of contractors purchase them from us all the time; even City Maintenance has purchased them from us. Lastly, they can run on gas, electric, and diesel. And within the electric, you can do 100, 230, and 240 volt and 50 and 60 hertz. So not only can you use them in the US, you can use them internationally, as well.


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