AR Pumps are Built to Last


If you’re the owner of a power washing business you should consider an AR pump the next time you have to replace your unit’s pump. These AR high pressure pumps are precision engineered using durable materials to produce a long lasting and high performance pump. They’re the ideal choice for contractors and industrial facilities given their power and durability.
An AR pump is designed for heavy duty use and their construction reflects that. It starts with the construction of a die-cast body that uses specialized parts such as a brass head and super thick ceramic plungers. The cooling fins, which are engineered to precise specifications, are also anodized to maximize the amount of heat they dissipate. They also use oversized ball bearings and connecting rods constructed of special alloys to withstand the extreme rigors these pumps are subjected to. Overall, these pumps are overdesigned for maximum strength and load disbursement.
AR pumpsAR pumps

The AR pump model XMV 3400 is available with either a 3/4” or 1” flange depending on your existing hose sizes. They’re capable of producing up to 3200 psi at 3 gallons per minute. AR powers their units with 8 or 9 HP gas engines that are easy to maintain and operate. In fact there are also electric powered models available to help cut down on operating costs.

The AR pump model XMA 1750 is unique in the fact that it is powered by a 7 or 10 HP electric engine. These pumps can produce 3000 psi at 3 gallons per minute which are ideal capacities for power washing operations. The benefits of these models are the fact you can get great power at a fraction of the operating cost of traditional gas powered pumps.

For larger applications the AR pump model RK 1450 offers the flexibility of allowing the consumer to choose between a gas or electric powered model. Regardless of your engine selection, these units can produce 4000 psi with a flow rate of 3.96 gallons per minute. AR gets this done using either an 11 HP electric or 15 HP gas powered engine with both power plants costing relatively the same.

By focusing on using advanced materials and incorporating detailed engineering, AR has produced a heavy duty pump perfect for the power washing contractor. If you purchase an AR pump you can rest assured you’re getting a piece of equipment that was designed and built to last a lifetime. AR high pressure pump parts are replaceable.

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