All Electric Hot Water Pressure Washers


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All Electric Pressure Washers

electric heated pressure washer
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electrically heated power washers
This layout is available for models delivering 8.0 GPM or more

All Electric Pressure Washers
Model: ES Series


  • CSA approved / fully automatic 
  • Environmentally friendly / no exhaust fumes or open flame 
  • 2 year heater coil warranty / 3 year heater element warranty
  • Belt-driven, oil-bath plunger pump 
  • Auto start / stop circuit controlled by trigger gun activation 
  • Instant hot pressurized water / no warm up time required 
  • Large 80 gallon heat exchanger tanks allow for continuous recovery to maintain optimum performance  on units rated less than 8 GPM (8 GPM models use large capacity tank at 140 gallons).
  • No hard water scale build up or heater element to burn out as no direct immersion of elements allowed into water being pumped 
  • Transfer fluid in heat exchanger treated to prevent corrosion or galvanic action
  • Thermo blanket lined tank provides almost 100 % energy input / output efficiency (all power is used to heat water
  • Thermostatically controlled heat exchanger with low water shut off 
  • Downstream chemical injection (8gpm or larger models include upstream chemical injection)
  • Cold water through pump for long life 
  • Automatic high temperature shut down (thermo probe) for pump protection 
  • Ideal for centralised systems with multi station outlets 
  • Available with 24, 48, 72 & 99 kW input and working pressures of  up to 4000 psi 
  • Complete with 50 ft. steel braid pressure hose, trigger gun, variable pressure wand and hardened stainless steel nozzle (8 gpm or larger models include 2 sets)
  • Multi-gun systems for high capacity cleaning

Functional Design

  • Ease of use - trigger gun controlled start/stop system with solid state time delay shutdown
  • Instant hot water - heat exchanger is thermally insulated allowing for almost 100% energy input/output and continuous, efficient operation
  • Large 80 gallon heater storage tanks - allows for continuous heat recovery even when the gun is triggered off (depending on model)
  • No open flame - can be installed in virtually any location
  • Inherent pump protection - automatic high temperature shut down (thermo-probe) on pump bypass
  • System weight: dry - 600 lbs. / operating - 1185 lbs. The PCA cart is designed to allow one operator to push/pull complete washing system on a smooth surface.
  • Frame mounted on casters available for $550.00

Reliable Performance

  • Low-rpm, belt-driven, oil-bath plunger pump - longer pump life when compared to direct drive systems
  • Flow switch activated - not affected by small system leaks (i.e. trigger gun)
  • #316 Stainless steel heat exchanger coil - designed for continuous duty use
  • No direct immersion of heating elements - no scale buildup or element burnout
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MODEL Dimensions L" x W" x H" PSI GPM HP Voltage Amp at 230 V Amp at 480 V PRICE
ES411K448A 32x24x52 1100 4.0 3.0
134.8 62.2
ES420K448A 32x24x52 2000 4.0 5.0
147.5 64.4
ES429K448A 32x24x52 2900 4.0 7.5
147.5 68
ES440K448A 32x24x52 4000 4.0 10.0
154 70.9
ES543K448A 32x24x52 3000 5.4 10.0
154 70.9
ES562K448A 32x24x52 2000 5.6 7.5
147.5 68
ES820K2448A 53x48x38 2000 8 10.0
147.5 70.9
ES830K2448A 53x48x38 3000 8 15.0
147.5 75.9


Preventive maintenance instructions

System requirements

HD-PCA Cart Assembly

Diagramsdownload pdf

See all the drawings of this portable system.
The ES Series comes on a cart assembly with casters.

Customer Application for Design Specifications

Occasionally a machine will need to be built to certain, specific specifications not common on our standard units. We provide this online form for this purpose. Please choose to download an Adobe Acrobat version of the form or fill out our online version.

all electric pressure washers


hot water pressure washers

Why consider a PSC Electrically Heated Cleaning System?

This equipment is approved by special inspection, giving the flexibility of design and offers the customer the knowledge of a more stringent testing/approval protocol. Once a product is listed or certified it is up to the manufacturer of the product to ensure the product continues to follow code. CSA or UL only sees the product once, when they test the initial unit. Other than a semi yearly visit, they do not monitor quality and approval procedures. With a field approval, the CSA representative comes to your facility and does the testing on each individual unit and then issues the CSA approval. These unit will carry a US field approval and will be compliant to NEC codes and all local fire codes. All the major components carry both CSA and UL listings.


  • 1000 psi to 5000 psi - 2 gpm to 16 gpm
  • Standard-build and explosion-proof models
  • Ideal centralized cleaning system
  • Portability carts available
  • Available with 24, 48, 72, 96 and 115 kW input (call for pricing)

Cost Effective

  • Low installation cost - no venting required, can be installed virtually anywhere
  • Low maintenance costs - heat exchanger coil does not require decalcification, only periodic pump oil changes required
  • Low operating costs - compares favorably with oil-fired machines and requires less kW input than direct-immersion type electrically heated models

Ease of maintenance

  • Pump/motor/controls/coil easily accessible
  • No water/soap scale buildup - skin temperature of heat exchanger coil never exceeds 190°F


  • Heat exchanger vented to atmosphere
  • Low heat exchanger solution cut-off switch
  • High temperature limit control
  • CSA approved


  • Special application designed systems
  • Backed by qualified and responsive sales and technical personnel

Protect yourself and your investment


GFCI Cords and Plugs

From: $70.20
GFCI's protect people and equipment by interrupting potentially lethal ground circuits exceeding 6mA. The dangers of electrical shocks have been long known - GFCI's are the only real way to be safe. Most city & county codes now require GFCI protection on power cleaning equipment.

Consumers should not use "adapter plugs" to connect the three-wire plug to a two-prong household receptacle without properly grounding the adapter plug. Learn more about ground fault current interrupters.

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