Acoustic Sound Curtains


Maximum performance acoustic sound curtains contain and absorb noise. These screens are designed specifically for environments where noisy equipment or machinery exist. They are easily movable and are great for sectioning off a plant to shield noise. Ideal for all electric hot water power washers or an electric air compressor, noise isolating walls can reduce decibel levels by 47 db. Noise control curtains are fire safe and made with hard reflective surfaces. Construction is low binder, fine fiber, acoustically absorptive 1” fiberglass batting. Quilted pattern matrix of diamond shapes made up of high mass vinyl loaded barrier, free of lead. Acoustic sound curtains are used in industries like:

  • Assembly
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Welding
  • Wood Working

Below are pre-made products to fit most standard size vertical or horizontal air compressors but can be used to fit most industrial machinery. Material is oil and chemical resistant and non-porous making them also moisture resistant as well. The acoustic sound curtains are impervious to dust, dirt, oils and most chemicals. Other noise barriers can be designed as custom depending on your needs, call for details. Wall hanging, track and roller, or free standing variations can be designed to suit. Other options available such as windows, sliding doors, or one or two panels. Panels can be portable and on casters or fixed and permanent. These acoustic sound curtains have 3 Year Warranty for parts and workmanship.

Portable Hearing Protection!


Noise Barrier Curtains

Acoustic Sound Curtains

Portable acoustic sound curtains are an economical alternative to metal enclosures or walls. These screens are constructed of non-porous fiberglass cloth and can be steam cleaned. They are durable and tough with oil and chemical resistant materials. Sound barrier has a sound transmission loss of 47 db. Standard transmission coefficient is 27-29. Temperature range is between -20 and 180 degree Fahrenheit. All models are on casters for easy mobility.

  • 1" quilting on both sides with a non-reinforced barrier
  • Barriers are high mass vinyl (No Lead)
  • Fire Safe - QQ-NRB meets ASTM-E84 codes
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Impervious to dust, dirt, oils and most chemicals
  • Versatility (Building block method)
  • Rugged 1-3/16" extruded aluminium frame
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115222 Sided Sound Curtain54”L x 54”W x 96”H $1,444.60add to cart
115233 Sided Sound Curtain54”L x 54”W x 96”H $2,193.60add to cart
115244 Sided Sound Curtain54”L x 54”W x 96”H $2,942.55add to cart
115252 Sided Sound Curtain54”L x 84”W x 80”H $1,672.70add to cart
115263 Sided Sound Curtain54”L x 84”W x 80”H $2,324.10add to cart
115274 Sided Sound Curtain54”L x 84”W x 80”H $3,445.25add to cart

Air Compressor Acoustic Sound Curtains

Specifically Designed for 5-10 HP Vertical & Horizontal Piston Drive Reciprocating Compressors 2, 3, & 4 Sided Screens!

Gray QQNRB Acoustic Panels with Aluminum Frames & Hinges

Note: There is a 7" gap from the bottom of the curtain to the floor on screens with casters.

Sound Transmission Loss

FREQUENCY 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC*
QQ-NRB 12 16 27 40 44 47 29
QRB 11 16 24 30 39 43 27

*Sound Transmission Class


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