UHP 170 Parts and Accessories


UHP water blasters utilize extremely high pressure for many applications. Once the desire pressure is chosen, it is suggested to choose accessories to match the intended usage, and parts to alleviate from downtime of operation when it is critical. Below is recommended list of parts and accessories that are suggested for the UHP 170 2800. Lead time for these parts are typically 2-4 weeks, so it is a good idea to have adequate supply to support the main unit. Call us at 866-858-4982 to get an application specific quote for your needs.

SKU Name Price
514732W UHP Lance $3,454.68
519001W Shoulder Support $318.11
519707W 800mm Spray Wand $291.08
519707W Side Handgrip $68.40
474635W Pressure Screw $44.54
474636W Thrust Ring $33.41
482783W Nozzle Holder F $221.09
457459W Nozzle Insert $95.44
457460W Nozzle Inside $95.44
511694W 25m Remote Control Cable, 6 Pin $550.34
539725W UHP Hose Line, 20m $3,462.64
526354W Connection Nipple EC $152.70
526353W Safety Coupling EC $199.00
526355W Protection Cap- Hose Nipple $22.26
544736W Rotating Nozzle RDS-Easy $3,593.06
457454W Nozzle Insert Shape 0,30 $95.44
498633W Anti-Seize,500g $123.12
526351W Safety Coupling $385.00
526352W Hose Connector ,EC, DN5, DN8 $97.02
494706W Mobile Filter Station $1,005.23
496575W Filter Insert Pkg 1 $396.05
414068W Protective Suit, Lg $251.36
476881W UHP Apron $1,838.68
414088W Gloves, Size 10 $73.96
499650W Safety Boots, Size 43 $829.00
427305W Safety Helmet $184.50