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Ultrasonic cleaners use the science of mechanical vibrations above the range of human hearing to clean complex parts that may be small, or have nested parts, blind holes, or threaded bodies. Ideally suited for intricate construction where other cleaning methods may not work well, an ultrasonic parts cleaner can remove soils that are well bonded to parts.

Ultrasonic cleaners will consist of three main components:

  1. A tank to hold the fluid and dirty parts
  2. A generator to transform the line voltage into an ultrasonic signal
  3. A transducers to convert the ultrasonic electrical signal into mechanical energy

An ultrasonic generator takes the electrical energy from the power line and converts it to electrical energy at the desired ultrasonic frequency. A transducer converts the electrical energy to mechanical motion or sound. It directs the sound energy into the cleaning tank. The cavitation bubbles implode and release the energy. Those bubbles form slowly and collapse suddenly, releasing immense energy against the surface of objects immersed in the tank that “scrubs” hard to remove soils from the parts. This is very different that other parts washers that employ solvents to do most of the cleaning.


  • Excellent for Cleaning Intricate Parts
  • Works for removal of Insoluble Particulate
  • Simple to Use, Easy to Maintain
  • No Introduction of Harsh Chemicals
  • Low Power Requirements
  • Compact Design for Limited Spaces


Ultrasonic Cleaners

The stainless steel, corrosion-resistant tanks come in three sizes, and the thermostatically controlled tank heaters maintain a temperature optimized for cleaning. Because the ultrasonic generator is an integral part of the cabinet housing, their small footprint makes these units ideal for job site "cell" cleaning applications where space is critical.

Common Features for Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners:

  • Bonding transducers guaranteed for 10 years – High quality materials ensure maximum reliability of the conversion of electrical energy
  • All units have a 1/2” drain fitting – Designed for easy change of contaminated fluids, safer than other models where you to tip the unit for same purpose. It is suggested to change fluid after each cleaning of your parts. Tank should be filled to at least cover the part being cleaned.
  • Lift off cover with handle – 316 Grade Stainless Steel Lid with Handle for easy and safe access to parts being cleaned.
  • Adjustable thermostat optimizes tank temperature to 160 °F - Thermostatically controlled tank heater to affect or maintain temperature for optimizing cleaning. Depending on what is being cleaned, it may be necessary to vary the heat output.
  • Sound deadening insulation package – Reduces noise emitted from the ultrasonic cleaner. Typically ultrasonics are greater than 18,000 HZ. Insulation panels help to lower the sound emission.
  • Illuminated controls for ultrasonic and heater function – Easy to see display to control frequency settings and to manipulate heat of the tank.


Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

4 Gallon Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • 250W Ultrasonic power (500 W Peak)
  • 500 W Heater Power
  • Tank Dimensions: 12” x 8 “ x 10”
  • Overall Dimensions: 16” x 18” x 16-1/4”
  • Optional: Stainless Steel Basket 11-1/2” x 7-1/2 “ x 4”

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

BTU-4 Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner 120 Volt 4 Gallon $3,629.25add to cart
BTU-BSKT-4 Stainless Steel Parts Basket n/a 4 Gallon $243.60add to cart


Ultrasonic Parts Washer

7 Gallon Benchtop Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

  • 500W Ultrasonic power (1000 W Peak)
  • 500 W Heater Power
  • Tank Dimensions: 14” x 11 “ x 11”
  • Overall Dimensions: 18” x 21” x 17-1/4”
  • Optional: Stainless Steel Basket 13” x 10 “ x 6”

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

BTU-7 Benchtop Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner 120 Volt 7 Gallon $4,403.05add to cart
BTU-BSKT-7 Stainless Steel Parts Basket n/a 7 Gallon $285.60add to cart


Ultrasonic Parts Washer

17 Gallon Benchtop Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

  • 750W Ultrasonic power (1500 W Peak)
  • 1000 W Heater Power
  • Tank Dimensions: 20” x 14 “ x 14”
  • Overall Dimensions: 24” x 24” x 20-1/4”
  • Optional: Stainless Steel Basket 19” x 13 “ x 6”

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

BTU-17 Benchtop Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner 120 Volt 17 Gallon $5,254.55add to cart
BTU-BSKT-17 Stainless Steel Parts Basket n/a 17 Gallon $372.40add to cart


Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners

47 Gallon Deep “V” Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner

Economical but powerful ultrasonic cleaning system.

  • 4000W Ultrasonic power (1500 W Peak)
  • 6.75 kW Heater Power
  • Deep “V” Tank to focus ultrasonic power on workload
  • Bonding transducers guaranteed for 10 years
  • Air operated lift platform handles load up to 120 lbs with ease
  • Down agitation to enhance cleaning process
  • Digital cycle timer controls cleaning cycle start and stop times
  • Adjustable thermostat optimizes tank temperature to 160 deg F
  • Lift platform raises to the top of the immersion tank for easy access to parts
  • Corrosion-resistant welded stainless steel construction for longevity
  • Double walled insulated tank and lid to prevent heat loss and evaporation
  • Tank Dimensions: 22” x 22 “ x 26”
  • Overall Dimensions: 45” x 26” x 66”
  • Optional: Stainless Steel Basket

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

TUSR2420SL-B Benchtop Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner 230V / 1 phase 47 Gallon $18,034.05add to cart
TU-24-BSKT Stainless Steel Parts Basket n/a 47 Gallon $603.20add to cart


How Ultrasonic Cleaners Work


Ultrasonic parts cleaning can clean delicate parts and instruments thoroughly without harsh chemicals or damaging abrasives. This is achieved with a process called “cavitation”. Cavitation is the creation and implosion of microscopic bubbles in the solution created by transducers attached to the stainless steel tank. The ultrasonic transducers produce a frequency through the solution, this combined with heat and a cleaning solution specific to the cleaning task results in a very thorough cleaning process that will get into the tightest spaces invisible to the naked eye.

Ultrasonic parts cleaning tanks are most commonly used for cleaning dental and surgical instruments, jewelry, electronic circuit boards, air brushes, and of course automotive components such as carburetors and fuel injectors.

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