Sewer Drain Cameras


A new and distinctive design for pipe inspection, this sewer drain camera system is available in four basic styles. This line is cost effective yet durable enough for the most rugged of applications. It uses a tough, high clarity "clearview" camera that delivers the clearest picture in the industry. The camera head employs the latest electronics and LCD technology engineered specifically to make view of pipe images clear and bright. The recording feature works quickly with easy to use menus and well placed buttons. The "On demand" recorder instantly formats, plays and organizes your recording. A built in keyboard has pre-set menus for ease of use. Easy to understand controls and connections make use of this system a breeze. A detachable monitor removes or can be back on the stand without any tools. The push rod will last 4 times longer than others in the market. The monitor has a thick-walled heavy duty enclosure to make it both water resistant and tough for years. Frame and camera head is rigid yet light weight to move quickly off road while being light enough to lift on to a truck.

Portable Pipe Inspection Cameras

Sewer Drain Camera
Micro Camera System

Sewer Drain Camera
Self Level Camera System

Portable Sewer Drain Camera System

Command Center: Designed for field operations, the Digital Command Center is built from a rugged injection molded material and incorporates an all-around water resistant package including sealed controls and recessed connections. The molded case mounts directly to the coiler or easily detaches with carrying handle and 10' inter-link cable. The built-in Text writer is at your fingertips for faster inspections.

Viewing: Recessed 8.4" Color High-Resolution LCD monitor for optimum viewing in sunlight.

Recording: Integrated "On-Demand" Digital Video recording system that includes; Built-in USB port: Built-in USB network port; Built-in microphone; Built-in speaker and Audio/Video RCA output jacks for external recording.

Battery: Integrated NiMH battery with intelligent charging provides 3 to 4 hours use on full charge. Charges from included AC/ DC Power Cord and is fully operational during the charging process. NiMH batteries provide long life and no memory effect.

Digital Counter: Built-in digital counter provides on-screen distance displayed in feet or meters; Includes controls for on screen position, reset and preset of footage

Camera: ClearView Self Leveling Color Camera with stainless steel body and sapphire lens: This small 1.3" color camera uses 8 Hi-intensity LED's for visibility up to 12" pipelines while providing for easy negotiation of 3" 90's and most 4" traps.

Sonde: 512 Hz, built-in to flex connector; Locatable in cast iron

Push Rod: Rigid Push Rod optimized for larger pipelines and longer runs

Rod Coiler: Vertical, lightweight and durable steel tube design: Includes large diameter wheels for maximum portability and ease of use as well as side support feet for horizontal operation.

Accessories: Accessory pouch included for easy storage of the On-Demand Recorder remote, camera removal tool and USB Memory Stick. A Quick Start-up Guide is also included

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

VU-GT-S100-M 100 ft Semi Rigid Micro Camera CALL for Pricing
VU-GT-S150-M 150 ft Semi Rigid Micro Camera CALL for Pricing
VU-GT-L200-SL 200 ft Rigid Self Level Camera CALL for Pricing
VU-GT-L300-SL 300 ft Rigid Self Level Camera CALL for Pricing

Drain Camera Module

Drain Camera Module
Self Level Camera System

Portable Pipe Camera Parts and Accessories

Various accessories available for replacement on above portable sewer drain camera system.

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING

VU-GT-01 Standard PT Command Module CALL for Pricing
VU-GT/SDD-40 Optional Solid State HD CALL for Pricing
VU-XBFHB Large Vertical Reel w/ Digital Counter CALL for Pricing
VU-XBFHBS Small Vertical Reel w/ Digital Counter CALL for Pricing
VU-XMRDC100 100 ft Semi Rigid Green Rod CALL for Pricing
VU-XMRDC150 150 ft Semi Rigid Green Rod CALL for Pricing
VU-XBFHB200 200 ft Rigid Green Rod CALL for Pricing
VU-XBFHB300 300 ft Rigid Green Rod CALL for Pricing
VU-MCV Micro ClearView Camera CALL for Pricing
VU-XSPR02 Micro 512Hz Sonde Assembly CALL for Pricing
VU-CVSL ClearView Self Level Camera CALL for Pricing
VU-XSPR01 512Hz Sonde Assembly CALL for Pricing

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