Water Recycle System for Marinas and Ship Yards


Stationary BB14 Water Recovery System

Avoid costly fines and become EPA Compliant.

Low Initial Cost - Automated Operation - Zero Water Discharge

The BB14 system will recycle wash water from hull cleaning with zero discharge to our precious waterways. Using this system will help conserve tremendous amounts of water and protect our marine environments from the damaging effects of heavy metals and anti-fouling agents found in bottom paint. You will reduce water expenses, avoid EPA fines and help preserve the beautiful environment that allows the marine industry to exist.

Image above supplied by one of our current customers, Marina Pez Vela, in Costa Rica

Our system has a low start-up cost compared to other water recycle systems on the market.
Our system will filter water to 5 microns. This allows you to safely re-use the water through a pressure washer, allowing you to recycle and filter the wash water indefinitely and conserve precious water. This is ideal for marina industry.
We also carry a full line of pressure washers to complete the system. Our filtration unit will work with your existing pressure washer, or we can supply a complete turn-key system with pressure washer, recycle system and accessories.

Stationary System Mockup
How the bb14 system works



Wash Water Recycle System


Wash Water Recycle System

Stationary BB14 Water Recovery System

The system is easy to install and takes up very little space. We can customize and adapt to any special requirements for your location.


  • Low Initial Cost
  • Space Saving Design
  • Automatic Operation
  • Hot or Cold Water Washing
  • Zero Water Discharge
  • One Year Warranty
  • Low Cost Replacement Filters
  • No E.P.A. Headaches
  • No Permit Required
  • The system works!


  • Filters are reachable from outside
  • 3/4 HP electric motor, 110V, 9 AMP
  • Two 20” Polishing Filters
  • Oleophilic (oil attracting) coalescing plates
  • Reusable oil filtering foam media
  • Oil absorption skimmer media
  • Washable Oil Plates
  • Polyethylene Housing
  • Auto Pump out System
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 25 and 5 Micron Filters
  • Weight: 300 lbs
  • 220 gallon reserve water tank with 8" manway access and stand
  • In-line Chlorinator
  • Automatic Operation
  • Supply Pump w/check valve (110v/9A)
  • Safety Instruction and Maintenance Schedule

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BB14 Stationary BB14 Water Recovery System 800lbs on two pallets Pallet 1: 65"L x 44"W x 43"H; Pallet 2: 53"Lx 42"W x 95"H $12,200.00add to cart