115V 230V Oil Burners



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115v 230v oil burners
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115v 230v oil burners
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115V 230V Oil Burners


  • Minimum Requirements: .4 GPH Firing Rate, 12V
  • Maximum Requirements: 3 GPH Firing Rate, 230 V
  • Motor Power: up to 3,450 RPM
  • Fuel Pump: Cleancut or Suntec
  • Oil Valve comes standard

*Requirements: Proper operation requires an engine with 16+ Amp alternator and deep cycle battery on nightly, overnight recharge.

Ordering Information - FREE SHIPPING
8.709-325.0Beckett Oil Burner115V22 lbs $446.45add to cart
8.709-326.0Beckett Oil Burner230V20 lbs $491.00add to cart
8.709-327.0Beckett Oil Burner14V20 lbs $642.95add to cart
8.709-328.0Beckett Oil Burner13.5V20 lbs $674.00add to cart
8.709-317.0Wayne Oil Burner115V AC27 lbs $590.25add to cart
8.709-318.0Wayne Oil Burner230V AC32 lbs $603.55add to cart
8.709-319.0Wayne Oil Burner12V DC20 lbs $634.15add to cart

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